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I must admit, I was a little overwhelmed when I logged into my Google Reader for this week’s assignment. With RSS feeds to Boston.com news and Google news reaching more than 1000 new posts and the Boston Globe right behind with 878, it seemed as though I wasn’t keeping up with all that was happening. The good news is that I check the Boston.com website daily (okay, I’ll be honest, more like hourly!) and therefore most of these stories are old news to me. I was excited to see some of my favorite blogs had new entries, like SpillingtheBeans.net (a blog about cool new toys and stuff for kids) and Will Richardson’s Weblogg-ed. I read through many new posts and decided to comment on Will Richardson’s post: Is My Head (and Life) in the Clouds?

Here, Richardson discusses how so much of his “tech life” is now online, that he really could throw his computer in the river and be okay. I don’t think I can say the same thing for me, although I did recently travel to Florida and it was my first trip sans computer in a long time, however it was also my first trip with INFANT CHILD – I decided the child was more important than the computer. And thank god I left my computer, I couldn’t have imagined getting through security with the baby and the computer! Because I did bring my new iPod touch, while in Florida I was able to stay connected to the world and check my email, browse Facebook, etc. Interestingly, my grandmother does not have internet and I found myself driving circles in her small Florida community to find a free wireless signal I could use!

More and more of my life is accessible online. I am not hooked in to Apple’s MobileMe so I can sync my desktop, MacBook and iPod touch for calendars, contacts, email, etc. And Will Richardson is right in his comment about the amount of money that school districts could save, “few districts get the idea that if they think differently about how they create and store most of their information that there are potentially huge savings in the offing.”

On another note, I’ve certainly learned my lesson, check my Google reader more often!

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